Reach Prestige X In MM2 Quickly

Prestige X Murder Mystery 2
What Is Prestige?

Prestige is a key part inside the Murder Mystery 2 Gameplay System, It allows a player to play the game without feeling boredom through giving them the option to reset their Level from One Hundred to Level One.

Benefits of Prestige
There really isn't any benefits from prestige which help in the gameplay aspect of the game. The feature was introduced to give a more aesthetic feeling on the leaderboard, the higher their prestige the higher they will show up. It makes a player look more skilled and shows they have been playing for quite some time

Levels Reached Each Prestige

Prestige  Level
I (1) 100
II (2) 200
III (3) 300
IV (4) 400
V (5) 500
VI (6) 600
VII (7) 700
VIII (8) 800
IX (9) 900
X (10) 1000

How To Prestige Quickly
Prestige is dependent on how fast you reach Level One Hundred meaning the faster you gain experience, you will prestige faster. Here are few tips to gain experience quickly when you are in your Murder Mystery 2 Rounds

  • When playing as Innocent try to survive for as long as possible, the game tends to give more experience depending on how long you survive.
  • When playing as Sheriff you should try to stay alive and get a jump on the Murderer at the same time, the more Innocents alive at the end of the round means you gain more experience.
  • When playing as Murderer you should try to go for as many kills as possible, especially Throwing Kills as they give (200) experience rather than the (100) experience you get from a melee kill.
  • [BONUS] When you are a Innocent and the Sheriff dies, if you get the gun and go on to win the round by getting a jump on the Murderer you will receive more experience.

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