Icepiercer Gun

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"Icepiercer" is an ancient gun in Murder Mystery 2, and it was initially obtainable by purchasing the 20th tier in the Battle Pass for 75,000 Snow Tokens during the 2022 Christmas Event. However, it is now only available through trading as the event has ended. Notable trivia about Icepiercer includes being the seventh ancient weapon obtainable by purchasing the final tier in an event, following others like Elderwood Scythe, Logchopper, Hallowscythe, Icebreaker, Harvester, Gingerscope, and Swirly Axe. It is the second ancient gun in the game, following Harvester, and the second gun to feature a unique shooting sound effect, similar to Harvester. Additionally, it is the second ancient gun with a unique color line when shooting, with Harvester being the first. Different variants of Icepiercer in red, bronze, silver, and gold were awarded as unique trophies to players who placed in the top 100 during the 2022 Christmas Event. The gun's design credit goes to a user named IDontHaveAUse, and there was a brief bug where it appeared as a godly instead of an ancient, which was resolved on December 23rd, 2022.