Godly Mega Bundle

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This includes every Godly listed below.

Amerilaser, BattleAxe, BattleAxe II, Bioblade, Blaster, Blue Seer, Boneblade, Candy, Chill, Clockwork, Cookieblade, Darkbringer, Deathshard, Eggblade, Elderwood Revolver, Eternal, Eternal II, Eternal III, Eternal IV, Eternalcane, Fang, Flames, Frostbite, Frostsaber, Gemstone, Ghostblade, Ginger Luger, Gingerblade, Green Luger, Hallow's Blade, Hallow's Edge, Hallowgun, Handsaw, Heartblade, Heat, Ice Dragon, Ice Shard, Iceblaster, Jinglegun, Laser, Lightbringer, Luger, Lugercane, Minty, Nebula, Nightblade, Old Glory, Orange Seer, Peppermint, Pixel, Prismatic, Pumpking, Purple Seer, Red Luger, Red Seer, Saw, Seer, Shark, Slasher, Snowflake, Spider, Sugar, Tides, Vampires Edge, Virtual, Winters Edge, Xmas, Yellow Seer

This is nearly every godly in the game excluding 2021, 2022 and 2023 new godlies.