Harvester Gun

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"Harvester" is an ancient gun featured in the game Murder Mystery 2, and it was originally obtainable by purchasing the 30th tier in the Main Event for 80,000 Candies during the 2021 Halloween Event. However, it is now only obtainable through trading as the event has concluded. In terms of appearance, Harvester resembles a crossbow with an emerald green shoot line, a green arrow, and a design made of dark stone and steel. Notable trivia about Harvester includes it being the first ancient gun in the game, followed by Icepiercer and Gingerscope. It is among the few guns in Murder Mystery 2 to have a unique shooting sound effect. Acquiring Harvester required a total of 97,400 candies, approximately equivalent to 6,000 Robux worth of candies or around $75 USD. Harvester also has different leaderboard variants in blue, bronze, silver, and gold, awarded as unique trophy items for achieving positions on the 2021 Halloween Leaderboard, and it was designed by a user named IDontHaveAUse.